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The benefit of using a ROHO cushion is to decrease the amount of pressure on the sitting area through interconnected air cells that increase and decrease in air volume to match an individual’s contours.

Dry flotation technology facilitates blood flow to the sitting area and assists in the healing and prevention of ischemic ulcers (pressure sores).

We recommend using ROHO High Profile Cushions & ROHO Enhancer Cushion for individuals with current pressure sores (or a history of pressure sores) due to its ability to maintain proper pressure relief even if slightly under-inflated. The ROHO Enhancer Cushion, also help provide seating support.

We Recommend the use of ROHO Low Profile Cushion and Medium Profile Cushions, with its smaller overall height of 2.5”. The lower height air cells offers a lower center of gravity than the High Profile Cushion, which provides an increased sense of stability.

The ROHO Low Profile Cushion is appropriate for active users that would be frequently transferring on and off of the cushion. The lower cell heights also allow easier transferring and propulsion if being used on a manual wheelchair.