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Jay Basic Wheelchair Cushion Jay Basic Wheelchair Cushion

Jay's entry level contoured cushion is a cost effective solution for pressure redistribution and stability.

  • Mildly contoured foam base provides comfort and increases sitting tolerance
  • Best for those at low risk for skin breakdown
  • Available in eight sizes

Our Price: $63.00
Jay Basic Pro Wheelchair Cushion Jay Basic Pro Wheelchair Cushion

Moderately contoured foam cushion that helps to achieve a more comfortable lower body positioning and stability.

  • Best for those at low risk for skin breakdown
  • Non-skid bottom and Velcro attachment for wheelchair included

Our Price: $84.00
Jay Soft Combi P Wheelchair Cushion Jay Soft Combi P Wheelchair Cushion

The Jay Soft Combi P Wheelchair Cushion from Sunrise Medical is a lightweight wheelchair cushion made to enhance posture while providing comfortable protection to users who are at low risk of skin breakdown.

  • Beveled design fits between seat rails and can be placed on a sling
  • Contoured foam base encourages orthopedic alignment

Our Price: $229.30
Jay Lite Wheelchair Cushion Jay Lite Wheelchair Cushion

The JAY Lite Wheelchair Cushion is JAY's lightest wheelchair cushion they've created. It's constructed with an incredibly lightweight foam cushion

  • Contoured Airflow Foam Base
  • OptiWell with high-resiliency roam insert and ischial cutouts
  • Contoured Airflow Foam Base

Our Price: $255.50
Jay Fusion Cushion - Wheelchair Cushions Jay Fusion Cushion - Wheelchair Cushions

The JAY Fusion wheelchair cushion is a skin protection and positioning cushion that features a high performance foam base with it's own cover for protection, and configurable therapy choices.

  • Innovative body-measuring science provides ease of fitting while maximizing stability and ultimate skin protection.
  • Choose the Reduced Profile Option to lower the Fusion's overall height by 5/8" and maintain a lower seat-to-floor height

Our Price: $308.00
Jay Union Wheelchair Cushions Jay Union Wheelchair Cushions

This fluid and memory foam contoured wheelchair cushion, which includes a dual cover system, encourages proper pelvic and thigh positioning while also providing excellent pressure distribution.

  • Provides lateral pelvic support with a moderate contour
  • Topped with an outer layer of soft Visco memory foam to distribute pressure evenly
  • Conforms to the wheelchair user's anatomy with a Jay Flow fluid insert

Our Price: $311.50
JX2 Jay Wheelchair Cushions JX2 Jay Wheelchair Cushions

The Jay X2 is an exceptionally lightweight, low maintenance liquid filled cushion designed for the person at low risk for skin breakdown, and in need of mild positioning.

  • Three cover options: X-Static with Stretch, Incontinent, Microclimatic
  • Designed for the person at low risk for skin breakdown, and in need of mild positioning.

Our Price: $340.00
Jay Duo Soft Foam Wheelchair Cushions Jay Duo Soft Foam Wheelchair Cushions

Jay® Duo (tm) Soft Foam Wheelchair Cushions are recommended for patients at moderate risk for skin breakdown, who require mild to moderate positioning

  • Soft foam cushion increases comfort and resists incontinence
  • Two Quick-Dry covers allow one to be washed while the other is on the chair.

Our Price: $340.00
Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion

Three free cover options available, choose either a stretch, microclimatic or incontinent-resistant.

  • Three pelvic loading areas to choose from, sized to fit user's pelvis
  • Pleated design of fluid pads help increase immersion and envelopment

Our Price: $348.00
Designed to stabilize the pelvis, protect the skin and position the body, JAY’s comprehensive range of wheelchair cushions are highly comfortable, lightweight, low maintenance and can accommodate a wide range of mobility seating requirements. Our wheelchair cushions can also be combined with optional positioning pieces (such as lateral thigh supports) to provide customizable positioning. With so many options available, you're sure to find a JAY wheelchair cushion that suits your individual needs.